Common Reasons Why People Think They Need a Tax Attorney

• IRS Tax Debt
• IRS Tax Concerns
• Offers-in-Compromise
• Filing Back Taxes
• IRS Wage Garnishment
• Tax Debt Settlement
• Business Tax Problems
• Installment Agreements
• IRS Liens
• Tax Levies
• Audit Representation

The truth is you don’t have to use a tax attorney when dealing with the IRS. Instead, why not hire a Tax Debt Advisor? Renee Sieradski can help smooth the path for you through any tax situation you may be dealing with.

Why You Don’t Really Need a Tax Attorney

Here are the reasons why you don’t have to hire a tax attorney:

• If you are making a decision out of fear and think you need a tax attorney for any reason other than criminal or fraudulently filed returns, you could be seriously disappointed. Most of our clients who started with an attorney and switched to us have mentioned fearing that something bad would happen if… and that if always is followed by another big retainer fee.

• IRS resolution work is not rocket science. It is common sense work that a Tax Professional can improve over time by establishing relationships with the IRS and understanding their idiosyncrasies. Attorneys will often scare clients into thinking that their legal training is absolutely necessary for a successful resolution.

• Many clients think that they will get what they pay for and base the quality of the work on the amount they pay. In most cases, an attorney will charge 400% more for the same exact service that an enrolled agent provides. If you have a consultation with an attorney, consider getting a second opinion by calling Arizona Tax Relief.

Why You Should Hire an Enrolled Agent Instead of a Tax Attorney

1. Your tax problems might not be that bad – It doesn’t take a tax lawyer to work with the IRS. Legal training isn’t a necessity to handle most tax issues. Also, tax attorneys will try to scare you into thinking that legal representation is necessary. That is not true! Let Arizona Tax Relief Advisors help solve your tax problems without instilling fear.

2. Get a 2nd Opinion – Some tax customers think that paying a higher fee will give them a higher quality service. That is false! Tax attorneys commonly charge 400% more for the same services a tax debt expert can handle. There is literally no difference in the process besides you paying more money. We are not saying it is a bad idea to talk to a tax attorney but it would be wise to get a second opinion.

3. Don’t Make a Decision Based on Fear – Do you think you need a tax attorney because you fear that if you don’t hire legal representation, you might be in big trouble with the IRS? You might be disappointed. Tax lawyers generate income based off of fear. Most of our tax clients started with a tax attorney, only to find out that they try to intimidate you into thinking you have a bigger tax problem than you do. And, that’s almost always followed by a big retainer fee.

Feel Confident with Experienced Tax Representation

When I look back over the years, the common thread in bad decisions I have made is when I was motivated by fear. If you have already had a consultation with an attorney, ask yourself, “Did he reduce my level of fear or just use it to get what he wanted?” A good representative will always leave you feeling better, not fearful. A great representative will focus on the 99% that can go right and the wrong ones will focus on the 1% that almost never happens. When you are trying to decide if you need representation from an attorney, consider taking the time to get a second opinion –Renee Sieradski, EA, CTR at Arizona Tax Relief. Call 602-687-9768 to schedule!

Renee SieradskiCommon Reasons Why People Think They Need a Tax Attorney