Are You Giving the Government a Loan Every Year? A Few Thoughts on your Withholdings

The fall awaits. And we here at Team Arizona Tax Relief have been raring to go, and working on behalf of our clients in Phoenix to get them out of tough financial situations, especially as it relates to dealing with the IRS.

But speaking of the IRS, there has been a lot of conversation the last couple of weeks about withholding. This is because there was a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that showed that (gasp) millions of taxpayers are underwithholding, and that they will face a bigger tax bill come 2019.

Apparently, there was an increase of 3% of those who will owe the IRS due to not adjusting withholding per the new tax law.

Fortunately, the IRS does have a handy calculator, updated with all of the new tables, that can give you a general sense for what you should be withholding.

But, as usual, there is a side to this story that most people aren’t noticing. The actual percentage of people who are underwithholding is 21% (up from 18%). But the number of people who are OVERwithholding is 73%.

THAT is the story, in my opinion: almost three-quarters of taxpayers are loaning the government their money throughout the year, simply because they haven’t taken the time to run the numbers. Or maybe it’s because they like the feeling of getting a refund, come tax time. But as I’ve nagged said to you before, getting a refund just means that you didn’t project properly. You’re giving a multi-trillion dollar organization (the federal government) a loan from YOUR accounts, instead of having use of that money throughout the year.

If that’s fine with you, so be it.

Only 6% of the population are striking that golden mean of withholding just the right amount.

But either way, let’s not make this decision simply by default, and not planning ahead!

That’s why it’s helpful to have someone in your corner in Phoenix who can help you get the numbers right.

With the end of summer here, I thought, well, you should have a better idea about who would be guiding your finances and your tax strategy through the swamp of our modern world.

I want you to know how deeply we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family, and your business. Yes, we are here for you throughout the year … and grateful for the chance to put our very specific set of skills to work on your behalf.

To your financial and emotional peace…



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Renee SieradskiAre You Giving the Government a Loan Every Year? A Few Thoughts on your Withholdings